Our Story

Victory Shipping is a dry bulk operator having extensive global experience and an established international footprint.

Victory Shipping is a dry bulk operator with extensive global experience and an established international footprint.

Victory Shipping is a privately owned company headed by a family that has been active in the maritime industry and established its reputation for excellence over more than three decades.

Our business philosophy is founded on a down-to-earth approach built on comprehensive industry understanding, combined with modern technology and a flexible management strategy that is designed to respond to customers’ needs.

In our headquarters in Singapore, and representations in Malaysia and the U.A.E., we operate dry bulk shipping contracts around the globe, with a particular stronghold in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Our experienced team follows the family’s commitment to transparency and clear communications that has enabled us to build long-standing relationships in every area of the industry.

Dedication and a customer-focused approach, combined with our expertise and modern tools, have ensured that we have been able to consistently outperform average industry growth while at the same time maintaining the exacting standards and customer service for which we are renowned.

Proud Member of ICS

Victory Shipping is a member of the Institute of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Singapore.

This honour was received by Mr. Stephen Mueller, General Manager of Victory Shipping, on the occasion of the ICS Singapore AGM in 2017.

Victory Shipping is a proud member of ICS Singapore, respecting and aligning its own values with the ICS guiding principle of ‘Our Word, Our Bond’, as well as supporting the continued commitment to maritime education.

ICS is the only internationally recognised professional body in the commercial maritime area, and an organisation of which Victory Shipping is honoured to be a part.

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Winner of E50 Singapore 2019

Winner of E50 Singapore 2020

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A Commitment to Society

We believe that as a successful business, and responsible corporate citizens, we have an obligation to help
contribute towards a positive local community.

Victory Shipping works closely with several key charity partners such as WWF and the Children’s Society among others. We continue to promote and support social responsibility as a fundamental element of our company’s commitment to the communities in which we live.


Our Statements

Email Disclaimer

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Code of Corporate Conduct

At Victory Shipping we are committed to acting ethically, lawfully and with integrity. We expect our colleagues to uphold these principles and values in everything we do.

It’s the only way we think business should be done and we take a strong approach to anything which may challenge this. Operating internationally we recognise our colleagues need the right information and support to consistently live the values and principles of our commitment. Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone at Victory Shipping, from the Board to the newest member of our team, and extends to our clients, suppliers and consultants. Our Code provides each of us with guidance on how to apply these commitments in the way we work. We expect everyone to embrace both the spirit and the letter of our Code and policies in the way they work.

Handling relationships ethically, lawfully and with integrity doesn’t stop at our colleagues; we expect this of anyone who works with or on behalf of Victory Shipping. We are proud of what we have achieved since Victory’s inception by practising these values. Each and every one of us needs to be committed to helping us continue to build on our success. By continuing to live by our principles and values and following the guidance in this Code, we can increase our customer's confidence in our services, achieve our potential and secure a sustainable future. The difference is down to all of us.


○ Treating everyone with dignity and respect and respecting diversity across our global team to create a positive culture and inclusive working environment.

○ Ensuring an environment where people are safe at work and that respects equal opportunities, where we incentivise, reward and recognise people solely on their ability to perform and excel in their role.

○ Equipping our people with the information to confidently make the right business decisions.


○ Managing our charitable donations appropriately

○ Ensuring we share gifts and hospitality in the correct way

○ Actively valuing our environment by minimising adverse impacts from our operations and promoting more sustainable solutions

○ Being a positive, active contributor in our diverse communities through a range of interactions and team activities.


○ Creating information people can trust

○ Endeavour to reach beyond the standards of the industry

○ Encouraging feedback, so we can quickly handle any issues or breaches to protect our people, business and reputation


As an international firm, that relies on the ideas, talents and contributions of every colleague in order to succeed, working together is critically important.


We are committed to upholding a professional, positive, inclusive and safe workplace, treating all colleagues with dignity and respect in a harassment-free environment. We do not tolerate discrimination and we will not tolerate retaliation in any form against anyone for raising concerns or reporting what they genuinely believe to be improper, unethical or inappropriate behaviour. We recognise and respect the individual right to freedom of expression, and believe it is crucial in developing creative information, deepening knowledge and sharing ideas.


To grow as a business and deliver the services our customers expect, we must recruit and retain a pool of colleagues that is international, with a range of skills, with diverse experiences and contributions. We make hiring and role progression decisions based solely on relevant qualifications and merit.
Human Rights

Slavery still exists in the 21st century, and can take various forms, affecting people of all ages, gender and races. Someone is in slavery if they are subject to:

○ forced work – through mental or physical threat
○ bonded labour through the use of bond or debt
○ being owned or controlled by an ‘employer’
○ being dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as ‘property’
○ physical constraints or have restrictions placed on their freedom of ○ movement
○ human trafficking, or
○ any form of child labour.

We seek to continually develop our understanding of the risk of modern slavery and aim to operate our business and supply chain free from those concerns. We remain vigilant to these conditions and be sure to carefully select our suppliers and business partners, conducting appropriate due diligence when needed, and make regular checks on key risk areas and geographies in which we operate to help protect human rights.
Trace certification

We have adopted the TRACE International Code of Conduct which is available on request at corporate@victoryship.com.sg